About myself

I'm Adrian Gesto, a 31 year old software developer from Buenos Aires who loves learning, facing new challenges and gets bored when nothing new is happening.
I'm an open source lover and a curious self-taught mind, I've had the pleasure of working for several companies in different projects and teams around the globe involving a broad spectrum of technologies such as PHP, Apache, Ngnix, Redis, Sphinx, Amazon EC2& S3, Android, and Facebook Apis among others. And since I'm always eager to try new stuff I've tested myself into different roles ranging from development to systems administration and software architecture.

On a more personal aspect, I'm a geeky individual, I love messing around with electronics 3d printing, robotics and woodworking. I find the process of creating something that had only lived in my imagination very pleasing and it helps me focus better when I have to get back to the code.

As of now I'm working on a few small projects for local customers, however I may be available to work with you if you think I'm a match for your needs.

my experience

Self employment projects

From April 2002

Often between jobs I have a good deal of time and I get to work on some new projects for startups and small clients that allow me to be more creative and experiment with different technologies, since a fair amount of my knowledge comes from these projects I wouldn't like to leave them otuside of my work experience description.

Here are some of those projects:


Immo is a CRM for a local real state agency, the software itself keeps track of aquisitions, contracts, and clients in a secure manner by having user levels and handling database backups. It's currently in development and was started with NodeJs + Express, MySQL and Redis for session management, and on the frontend side it makes use of AngularJs and Bootstrap.

Vote My Ad

VMA came as a client needing a quick but scalable MVP to present to investors, the app itself was very ambitious, a video competition site. After teaming up with a former colleage and friend we developed a neat platform using PHP, Kohana 3, Nginx, Redis, Memcached, and Mysql, and jQuery + Bootstrap for the frontend. The MVP was successful and the product was absorbed by another company.


Palomercado was a startup that unfortunately never lived to see the light, but it was a huge and enlightening experience which allowed me to learn a lot from myself. It was a sales platform to work as a facebook and standalone app, the development process took me a few months and all of my savings but was completely worth it.
I wrote it on PHP with Kohana 3 as the backend framework, Nginx, Sphinx, Memcache, BackboneJs and UnderscoreJs, it was a huge project to begin with, more if I take into account that I was the only dev there, but nevertheless the experience was amazing.


Indolce is a small candy & cookies shop located in Florida which needed a custom sales platform allowing the customers to customize the products before the purchase and also handle the shipping and stock control logic. I developed it using PHP + Kohana 3, MySQL, Bootstrap and jQuery.

Latencia cero

Latencia Cero was a local importer of high tech sound equipment for audio studios, they needed a sales platform and asked me to create their website. So I wrote a sales platform on PHP with CakePHP for them.

From April 2014 until March 2015

MightyPlay is a medium sized company located in California with a lot of expertise on delivering media driven applications and games, I worked for them as a remote contractor for each phase of product development.

What I did

I developed and maintained an app for one of the company's customers: ABC Mouse, the app was an authoring tool for creating books and games for kids, with audio and text. It was a thin backend with a lot of frontend for syncing audio and parsing OCR text images, and adding images while allowing the author to handle all of these resources and keep track of the process of publishing a book.

How I did it

The backend was a thin PHP + MySQL with no structure at all, I refactored it and came up with an MVC structure with a single entry point for the API.
On the frontend side I used an AMD approach on the javascript and used jQuery and a few javascript libs that were allowed by the client, there was a restriction on which libraries we could use so there was a lot of native javascript involved.

For the second phase of development since I could start fresh without having to care about backwards compatibility I wrote a sort of HMVC set of widgets without libs (same restriction here) each widget is responsible of only rendering part of the information while being capable of emiting and receiving custom events for other widgets to connect to and respond to information changes and user actions.


(Now Globant's mobile studio)
From June 2010 until Aug 2012

Nextive (now Globant's mobile studio) was a very dynamic medium sized company with focus on gaming, mobile and social media development. If I were to describe Nextive I'd say that challenging projects, highly trained professionals and a great deal of good humour on a family like environment were the ingredients for the best working experience of my life. It was superb.

What I did

The projects at Nextive where very interesting, we developed and maintained games and social applications, one of the most important customers of the company was Zynga. Zynga projects shared a particular aspect, they all had a huge user base and thus needed particular care for performance.

I had the pleasure to work in Scramble, and Mafia Wars doing backend stuff. It all was very challenging and fun, at the time we were working on Scramble the daily users went from 4 Million to 12 Million, that was in about 3 months of work, there was a lot of work to do and no room for mistakes.

After the first few projects I was assigned the SysAdmin team working with Amazon EC2& S3. Since I had a strong development background my mannager decided to assign me some R&D time to develop some tools to leverage the constantly growing SysAdmin team from the huge amount of work we were starting to face. I came up with some very well received ideas for sorting out the deployment process and handling he dynamic growth of our servers, it was very well received and we could successfully cut the amount of needed sysadmins for every deployment in half.

After that I noticed that our set of monitoring tools wouldn't scale up so I proposed a new architecture reusing some of the components of our monitoring tools and developed a set of scripts as a proof of concept. It was a success, but unfortunately we could never finish it up as the company was aquired and priorities changed.

Right after the aquisition of Nextive by Globant, I got moved into the mobile team and was assigned a mentor to put me up to speed with the rest of the team. So after a few weeks of training I became part of the mobile team for Android, at first collaborating with the development of Trulia for agents and Mob Empire, and afterwards working on an internal tool for use in application benchmarking and Unit Testing for Gree

How I did it

At Nextive I had the oportunity to work with a lot of different tools and learn a lot from my colleagues, for Scramble and Mafia Wars we used Apache2, PHP, Memcache, Mysql with sharding and no framework at all, all running on Ubuntu Linux boxes.

Then for the SysAdmin part I got to set up Apache, Nginx, Hudson deploy scripts,Apache Ant, Mysql slave & master setups, Memcache, MongoDB, Nagios, Munin and Splunk, while also researched for Cacti and Chef as other sysadmin related tools.
I got familiar with Amazon EC2 API, and setting up environments and tools on the newly spawned servers.
As part of my training in sysadmin and since we had an incident invoving some of our servers we (the sysadmin team) took a course on ethical hacking and did some server hardening with IpTables.

I also collaborated on the development of the company's framework which was in use for the Themis Bar Review backend app which served contents for native mobile and web, by adding automaping for class loading.
On the mobile side of it I worked extending the native UI classes from Android in order to attach loggers to perform benchmarking tests, and helped on the development of the user interface for Mob Empire.

From August 2009 until April 2010

Connaxis is a medium sized company with emphasis on creativity and design, they develop highly visual web sites for different companies. They also hold ownership over Choosa

What I did

I started working on small projects, namely Caraiva viva and then Choosa when it was called "Guerra Creativa".
After getting up to speed for the first month or so I was put in charge of a small team of two developers and an UI designer in order to develop a internal set of tools for dealing with the workflow of university research and papers, this was quite a large and interesting app.

How I did it

I coded in PHP with CakePHP and used a lot of jQuery and jQuery UI, our databases were all MySQL and we relied on Apache web servers over Debian Linux for all of our websites and applications. We also used Agile methodology for most of our larger projects.

From June 2008 until July 2009

Globant is a large software factory handling many projects for big companies such as Disney, Google, JWT, HP, and others. It is currently one of the biggest Argentine IT service providers.

What I did

I started working as a PHP developer for a medium sized project to develop a LinkedIn app for Hudde.net afterwards I moved onto a big team of Java developers from which I learnd a lot of new stuff and took part into developing the UI for a quite large set of tools for JWT it was a lot of fun. And finally my last project before leaving to work at Connaxis was adding Ajax & Json support for a large java framework (Anubis) the company used for most of their web projects, while working on the booking site for Las Leñas
I also taught a course on Javascript and dynamic UI for designers.

How I did it

I used a wide range of skills for each project I took part in, namely PHP, Partuza (a sandbox for OpenSocial),jQuery, PrototypeJs and Yahoo User Interface. Also some javascript server side scripting for Alfresco which is a Java CMS. All the work at Globant was done using Agile methodology, so I became very used to having scrumm meetings and keeping track of the daily development. We relied on Subversion for versioning most of the time.

From April 2008 until June 2008

Sourcesouth is a small internet business and support service focused company located in Buenos Aires I worked there as a web developer for a contractual period of three months.

What I did

I developed a small CMS for Granite Dealer the app was developed with PHP, and MySQL and provided a backend for updating the site contents. The app would create a valid XML file to feed onto a flash app that shows the different products available.
I also did some small maintenance jobs for diferent websites and participated in the revamp of the company webiste.

How I did it

I used PHP, Javascript, MySQL & Mootools.

From February 2004 until April 2008

Crea7ive is a successful internet business company with focus on communication & marketting, I started doing small maintenance jobs for them and with time I became the lead developer for their main e-commerce platform

What I did

I started working on modules and theming for OsCommerce, but with time the company decided to move onto someting that would better adjust to our customers needs, so I was put in charge of developing an ecommerce solution that would fill in the gaps left by OsCommerce.

How I did it

I started from scratch with some help from PHPClasses.org & PHP PEAR, used MySQL, and a little bit of javascript with prototype as the main library.

tools of the trade


  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Node Js
  • Cake PHP
  • Codeigniter
  • Kohana
  • Backbone js
  • Underscore Js
  • Express
  • jQuery
  • Angular
  • Java
  • Android
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Handlebars


  • GNU/Linux (Debian based are my favorite)
  • Apache 2
  • Nginx
  • Redis
  • Memcache
  • MySQL
  • Sphinx
  • AWS, Amazon EC2 & S3
  • Linode & DigitalOcean hosts

Server maintenance

  • Munin
  • Nagios
  • ipTables
  • Splunk

Operative Systems

  • MS-Windows
  • GNU/Linux
  • OSX


  • Agile methodologies
  • Hudson (managing & scripting)
  • UML



Escuela número 69 de Lanús Oeste


Information Systems Tecnician, Escuela de Educación Técnica John Fitzgerald Kennedy.


Information Systems Engineering, Universidad de Buenos Aires.
[Dropped out]


Java SL110 & SL275, Educacion IT.
Ethical Hacking, CentralTech.

Contact information

Find me at:

  • Email: me@adriangesto.com
  • Skype: adrian.gesto
  • gTalk: adrian.gesto@gmail.com